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The mandate of N.E.S.T. is to ensure that laws to protect endangered sea turtle habitat are vigorously and uniformly enforced, and to advocate for new ones, if needed.  Balloon releases and large holes being dug and left on the beach are examples of activities that need to be restricted by ordinance or legislative action. ​

The current focus of N.E.S.T. is coastal northeast Florida. However, we encourage all coastal communities where sea turtles nest to consider our organization and our website a resource.  We incorporated in 2018 when a massive geotube project threatened sea turtle nesting on the shores of Ponte Vedra – a community just south of Jacksonville, Florida. 


We started a petition, but we lost that battle. Nevertheless, it gave us the resolve to organize and protect sea turtle nesting habitat which has historically been insufficiently protected by the Department of Environmental Protection.


Adam Sugalski - President -  Adam is an animal protection warrior who has most recently lead a national coalition of activists to fight and successfully STOP the 2016 bear hunt in Florida. Adam believes strongly in utilizing professional activism to raise public awareness and end the cruelest forms of animal abuse.



Nicole CrosbyDirector of Communications also has experience advocating for greater protection of threatened and endangered species.  Nicole’s marketing background has been central to her activism. She’s an advertising copywriter and former Sr. VP at Doyle Dane Bernbach, New York. She’s also a small business owner with roots in Austin, Texas; her online company is

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